Inclusive technology for education continuum


aim to lift the veil of silence on menstruation and change the perception to one of normalcy rather than shame and exclusion.

1 in 5 girls drop out from school when they start menstruating.

70% of girls and women in India cannot afford hygienic sanitary napkins.

200 million women and girls lack access to menstrual hygiene tools.

Period poverty to period privilege.
Driving awareness through technological learning.
Championing for a girl’s basic right.
Milaap campaign
Period Pandemic

Devi will provide 1500 girls in orphanages and 1000 women from vulnerable communities with sustainable sanitary napkins and provide a financial safety net for these communities against Covid-19.

In partnership with Carmesi, Devi has distributed 6000 pads to help 200 girls manage their menstrual needs for three months, in orphanages across Bangalore.

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