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Domestic Violence during quarantine. silhouette of Male fist over scared woman through house keyhole

04 Oct: Domestic Abuse in India

Written by Manya Dhupar

India, especially is a country wherein domestic violence and abuse is largely prevalent. Reasons for this include, the staunch system of patriarchy in the country, which has created an environment propagating the oppression of women and superiority of men. This mentality is expressed through behaviours such as these, wherein control and superiority is asserted over the ‘weaker’ sections of society. Lack of female education, child marriage, denial of inheritance, lack of income earning opportunities, resentment toward the girl child and other such social issues make escaping such a situation especially difficult…


31 May: A Non-Menstruator’s Guide to Allyship.

“In our country, the topic of menstruation has always been taboo, something only spoken in hushed tones and behind closed doors. However, we are long overdue for a change in the way we react to and interact with what is a natural, healthy biological process. Perhaps most instrumental in this change is the education of non-menstruators, so that they may serve as effective allies to menstruators…”

An article on the role of non-menstruators in a menstruators life.

Written by Sahil Aleem.


29 May: Women in Cinema

“From when the first actress, Florence Lawrence was showcased in “the taming of the shrew”, women and film have always had a tumultuous history. While the 60s saw the rise of second wave feminism, Hollywood still presented its women as submissive, daringly skinny and ready to be saved by the male lead in a flaunty flapper…”

An article on feminism and its journey on the silver screen.

Written by Leia Deshpande.


29 May: Society: It’s impact on Mental Health and Education.

“A person’s childhood differs greatly based on their family’s financial background. Were they poverty ridden? Did they have a privileged childhood? Either way, there is research to show that both impoverished and affluent children come with their own set of mental health disorders, due to factors ranging from education to parental teachings….”

An article about the impact of society on mental health and education.

Written by Jadyn Almeida


24 May: Education in Karnataka

” The purpose of education is to produce citizens who
are strong emotionally, spiritually and also in character. However education is not easily accessible to all, lakhs of students in Karnataka are unable to attend school due to basic hurdles like lack of accessibility to schools, lack of financial assistance, lack of infrastructure, lack of teachers in government schools…”

A personalized account on the state of public education in Karnataka.

Written by Aashika Choudhary