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Making privilege an equal right

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Pads Distributed
Devi Access Program

Devi provides sanitary napkins to various orphanages and slum communities in and around Bangalore. To help us in our efforts, donate below.

Lack access to menstrual health tools
Deserving children deprived of scholarships in 2020.

What do we want to achieve?

To leverage global human capital and breakthrough technology in achieving SDG, 2030.

How are we going to achieve it?

Advancing design and programme innovation to remedy systemic challenges that act as poverty interrupters.

Our Initiatives

Through our initiatives, The Collective Consciousness is leveraging technology to make quality, equity and access an equal right for the underserved.

The flagship project of The Collective Consciousness, Devi seeks to address the critical menstrual health and hygiene challenges in India. Through technology,  we want to overcome the information and access barriers to transform period poverty into period privilege.



BridgEd is an ed-tech project of The Collective Consciousness that creates a technology-enabled, dynamic, seamless application and disbursement process of government mandated and private scholarships for students from low-income communities

Our Fellowship

The Fellowship is a month-long engagement designed to build a holistic understanding of the Indian development sector and equip the candidates with the necessary skills to begin their journey in policymaking.


Your support is powerful. Through your generosity we will be able to invest in a brighter tomorrow.


You have the opportunity to impact the lives of children and families. Volunteer with us and let us help you take that first step

Corporate Sponsorship

Achieve impact through meaningful CSR engagement.

Timeline of Events
30 May 11:30
30 May 11:30
May 2021
May 2021

Period Pandemic- Crowdfunding Campaign on Milaap

Devi will provide 1500 girls in orphanages and 1000 women from vulnerable communities with sustainable sanitary napkins and provide a financial safety net for these communities against Covid-19.

24 Mar 05:41
24 Mar 05:41
Mar 2021
Mar 2021
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-27 at 8.42.54 PM

Pad Distribution in Orphanages

Devi distributed pads, in partnership with Carmesi, to orphanages across Bangalore.
01 Mar 05:42
01 Mar 05:42

HundrEd Glocal India

Devi and BridgEd were showcased as the two innovations from India, along with TOMi.digital(Brazil) and Link Online Learners(United States of America) in the Glocal event organized by HundrEd, a global education non-profit.
24 Feb 05:41
24 Feb 05:41
Feb 2021
Feb 2021
WSIS Post (1)

WSIS: A UN mandated Thematic Workshop

Organised a thematic workshop at the World Summit on the Information Society, a UN mandated organization held under the aegis of the International Telecommunication Union.

25 Dec 05:40
25 Dec 05:40
Dec 2020
Dec 2020
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It’s that time of the year- Calendar Sale at UB City, Social Offline and The Wishing Chair

In order to provide sustainable sanitary napkins to orphanages in Bangalore, we organized a fundraiser by selling two beautiful calendars, designed in-house by our very talented designers.
The Journal
21 Oct: Environmental Impact of Fisheries in South India

Written by Sahil Aleem, Jadyn Almeida and Leia DeshpandeMentored by Sunad M & Malavika Nair EXECUTIVE SUMMARY India has one…

11 Oct: Media Portrayal of Autism Spectrum Disorder

This paper is an analysis of
the media portrayal of Autism Spectrum Disorder in various shows, including ‘Atypical’, ‘Boston Legal’, etc.

04 Oct: Domestic Abuse in India

Written by Manya Dhupar

India, especially is a country wherein domestic violence and abuse is largely prevalent. Reasons for this include, the staunch system of patriarchy in the country, which has created an environment propagating the oppression of women and superiority of men. This mentality is expressed through behaviours such as these, wherein control and superiority is asserted over the ‘weaker’ sections of society. Lack of female education, child marriage, denial of inheritance, lack of income earning opportunities, resentment toward the girl child and other such social issues make escaping such a situation especially difficult…

31 May: A Non-Menstruator’s Guide to Allyship.

“In our country, the topic of menstruation has always been taboo, something only spoken in hushed tones and behind closed doors. However, we are long overdue for a change in the way we react to and interact with what is a natural, healthy biological process. Perhaps most instrumental in this change is the education of non-menstruators, so that they may serve as effective allies to menstruators…”

An article on the role of non-menstruators in a menstruators life.

Written by Sahil Aleem.

29 May: Women in Cinema

“From when the first actress, Florence Lawrence was showcased in “the taming of the shrew”, women and film have always had a tumultuous history. While the 60s saw the rise of second wave feminism, Hollywood still presented its women as submissive, daringly skinny and ready to be saved by the male lead in a flaunty flapper…”

An article on feminism and its journey on the silver screen.

Written by Leia Deshpande.

29 May: Society: It’s impact on Mental Health and Education.

“A person’s childhood differs greatly based on their family’s financial background. Were they poverty ridden? Did they have a privileged childhood? Either way, there is research to show that both impoverished and affluent children come with their own set of mental health disorders, due to factors ranging from education to parental teachings….”

An article about the impact of society on mental health and education.

Written by Jadyn Almeida

24 May: Education in Karnataka

” The purpose of education is to produce citizens who
are strong emotionally, spiritually and also in character. However education is not easily accessible to all, lakhs of students in Karnataka are unable to attend school due to basic hurdles like lack of accessibility to schools, lack of financial assistance, lack of infrastructure, lack of teachers in government schools…”

A personalized account on the state of public education in Karnataka.

Written by Aashika Choudhary

The collective: Our family
Anish Kumar
Internship-Marketing & Research

I love working with The Collective Consciousness since it gives me a space to be creative and dedicate myself to something bigger. Everyone is also super chill and fun to talk to and they never make it boring to work.

Maanvi Jain

Through The Collective Consciousness, I found an opportunity to work with such a fantastic team towards transforming the lives of these juvenile girls and serving them to overcome the information and access barriers to mensuration.

Ishika Rajveer
Research Associate

Working with CC has been a wonderful experience for me since it gave me a deeper understanding of how startup nonprofits work. The team was extremely supportive and I was given the freedom to work at my pace and explore the arenas that I wanted to.

Amrutha Aravind
Legal Compliance Lead

I had a wonderful time working with Collective Consciousness as I got to experience grassroot level realities surrounding menstrual health education in our country and I felt immense pleasure to be a contributing factor to bridge the gap that exists in the space. 

Nisha Rangdal
UI/UX Designer

 It was an absolute delight to collaborate with like-minded individuals who work so hard and passionately towards a goal that will make many, many lives more empowered and healthier. My sincere thanks to the team at CC for taking me on, and for all the learning opportunities!

Sahil Aleem

I enjoy working with this organisation as it’s an excellent way to provide help for those who need it. The team here are extremely capable and motivating, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. I hope the work we do is able to improve the lives of people across this country.

Pranava Kaveri
UI/UX Designer

Working with Collective Consciousness is a step in the right direction for women’s health in India. It was lovely to be a part of an organisation that believes so rightly in education as healthcare

Ariana Jhaveri
UI/UX Designer

Everybody at CC was so sweet, patient and collaborative that it didn’t take long for me to let go of my fear and put my full self into the work. It’s a space filled with lots of growth and wholesomeness. I’m glad I did work with them, because they set a very high standard as to what employers and a company should be.

Aashika Choudhary
Program Manager

The Collective Consciousness has given me the opportunity to work with the grassroots’ and provide solutions to some of our dire problems. It is great to work alongside a passionate team of change makers who encourage curiosity and allows us to assert our unique ideas.

Manasi Kulkarni
UI / UX Designer

While working for Devi, I was giving a part of my creativity and knowledge to build something that will help provide comprehensive learning over a digital platform towards sensitive but extremely crucial topics of Menstrual health and hygiene. I learnt and grew even more along the way.  

Srishti Goel
Intervention Compliance Lead

 My role was to carry out qualitative and quantitative research that aligned with the organisation’s goals. This position not only enabled me to strengthen my knowledge in the development sector but also allowed me to interact with various professionals in the space. 

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